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As a Mix Engineer with over 15 years of experience, I’m able to create mixes that sound complete and polished. I can meet a wide variety of client requests, and I can help you get the results you need for your next song or album. I really care deeply about every mix that I do, and it will always be the choices you make that matter the most when we are deciding how to present your songs, for your audience. Your project will always be in safe hands during the recording and/or mixing stages. Your music won't be lost or leaked, or ever become permanently damaged due to hardware or software failure. During this creative and technical process your privacy is important to me. I won't share any information about you or your band, or any material I have been hired to engineer, mix, or master. You can get in touch with me by providing your contact info at the bottom of this page, or directly by phone. Thanks!

- Kenny Stanley

Mixer / Engineer



SIGNALS - In The Middle Of The Night

"This was a super creative mix and we love that. The sound of the main synth is awesome. You made a lot of unique decisions that we admire.

We also liked the balances of the vocals."

- Ian Vargo, Pro Audio Files


The River Sessions - A Sailor Once More

"Kenny has excellent mixing skills, and provided a professional final mix and master. He is very attentive to any changes or requests you may

have, and is extremely easy to communicate with. I was provided with a variety of release formats and insight on release platforms."

"Overall an awesome experience, and looking forward to working with Kenny again. He's a pro!"

- Glen McPhee, Singer/Songwriter


Tim Ronan - Disappear

  "Kenny Stanley is relentless when it comes to getting your mix right. I have utmost admiration for his attention to detail towards fundamental  frequency balances along with the patience he kept while guiding me through each mix. Every move he makes is carefully contoured towards maintaining the raw emotion of every song. Many hours were spent helping me produce my album and I could not have done it without his golden ears."


- Tim Ronan, Singer/Songwriter, Bad Grafitti

Amber May - Daisies

"Kenny was very patient and helpful, and his recording studio provided a comfortable space to create. His efficiency, and attention

to detail supported the development of my first recordings. Kenny was able to make suggestions while also allowing me to create

and build my own sound. Kenny was always a pleasure to work with!"


  - Amber May, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

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A typical project includes these services:

- Mixing

- Audio Editing

- Audio Production

- Vocal Production

- Mixing: 150.00 - Price negotiable.

4+ songs: Discounts available.


- Recording: 100.00 - Price negotiable.

4+ songs: Discounts available.

- Mastering: 50.00

4+ songs: Discounts available.

​To find out more about my reasonable rates and availability, get in touch via e-mail or by phone. Please use the contact section below!

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